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These are Annie's puppies born   12-22-2010
Annie had 3 males and 6 females which makes a full box of chocolates.

Annie will be bred for the last time at the end of the year (2011).  She produces great puppies. 
Contact me at 760-379-5135

          Come on where is the food 
I don't think there is one for me
Your not fighting fair
The last time I looked it was there
OK Let's Rock and Roll
I really want you but mom is keeping me
Each of our litters are whelped in our home. We guarantee that they are well socialized little bundles of joy, by the time they are old enough to leave us to go to their new homes. We make sure that they are exposed to all the normal sights and sounds of a busy household and of course there's never a shortage of love!    Overall health and temperament are our top priorities when we plan a breeding, yet with an eye toward good looks and performance.  We guarantee the overall health of our puppies when they go to their new owners.  Naturally we ask for a guarantee from future owners that they too will not bite, play too hard, or mistreat their new puppy!   We are very selective with regard to our puppy owners and are always careful to place our pups with people who will always treat them with nothing but respect and love!