Thanks for stopping in to visit us! Our names are George and Sue Vose. Our home is located in the beautiful hills of the Kern River Valley, in sunny California.
We are owned and loved by the Deltadawn Labradors!  The reasons we love the Labrador Retriever is their desire to please, their intelligence, and their ability to do so many things with us. Whether they are working as a hunter, training and participating in competitions, serving as a guide dog, assistance/therapy dog or just a good pet,  they are always first and foremost a wonderful companion and a reliable friend.   The Labrador's many wonderful qualities render them truly a dog of distinction. We take pride in our Labradors at Deltadawn.  
We are a small kennel, with a very selective and limited breeding program, specializing in  the chocolate color. We usually have one or two litters a year. We strive for sweet disposition, lovely type, strong working drive, and of course the typical Labrador desire to be loved and to be a good family member within his human pack.  We breed only the best to the best.  Sire and Dam have all their clearances such as hip, elbow,  eye, and PRA Clear. 
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                      Deltadawn-Venture Hoot-N-Annie   (Annie) 
 CH Wilcare Leisure Suit Larry x CH Venture-Deltadawn Hoot-N-Holler